Committing to your own development is key to an evolving intuitive practice and a meaningful life. This 10-month immersive Certified Advisor Program is a unique opportunity for you to take a quantum leap in your personal development, and bring the Leadership (R)evolution® method to the world creating exceptional results with your clients.

You will unlock your intuitive potential and learn how to lead and create from a new level of self-perception and awareness, where intuition is a consciously used tool.

The program is comprehensive and you become an intuitive intelligent advisor and master in the Leadership (R)evolution® method through state-of-the-art training and practices. It will help you to:

  • Consciously use the intuition as a tool in the daily life, personally and professionally
  • Fast track subconscious intuitive insights, and recognize capabilities and potential
  • Turn intuitive insights to conscious decision-making and intuitive intelligent actions
  • Create holistic changes and make extraordinary and dramatic growth, personal and professional
  • Make extraordinary and dramatic growth and realization of projects and intentions

The program is open to a limited number of candidates each year.

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Date: February 26-27, April 2-3, June 4-5, August 20-21, October 1-2 and November 18-19, 2019
Place: House of Insights, Kongevejen 272A, 2830 Virum, Denmark
Application deadline: February 15, 2019

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