Join us in the sacred and mysterious Egypt on this transforming and energetic journey with all kinds of inner and outer intuitive and energetic experiences. The experiences will open up your inner power and insights helping you in your life turning intuitive insights to intuitive intelligent actions.

From sleeping in a luxury hotel in Dahab, to a tent under the stars in the middle of the desert and in a Bedouin Camp to climb the Moses Mountain.  From silence and discovering the underwater world to discovering your inner world in silence. From enjoying doing nothing to experience things you’ve never experienced before.

The program includes:

  • 3 nights in the luxury hotel Dar Dahab in the beautiful Dahab
  • 3 nights in a tent or under the stars in the amazing deserts
  • 3 days at the historical st. Catherine climbing the Moses Mountain

Personal session and Leadership (R)evolution® workshops, breathing techniques, contemplation, body movement and massage, snorkeling/freediving, meeting local Bedouin families, camel ride, campfire dinner under the stars, meeting the local medicine man, explore Bedouin music, dinners at amazing restaurants and much more will be part of the program.

Rikke Topp, Executive Advisor and mentor will be the facilitator. She has been resident in Egypt for 2 year, been living in Dahab, stayed alone in the desert for 1 week and has been climbing the Mount Sinai. Furthermore, local people/Bedouins will assist us during the entire trip and take care of the logistical part.

The journey is open to a limited number of candidates each year.

Read more about the Energetic Advisor Program, click here (in Danish).

Read more about Rikke Topp, click here.


Date: May 2-11, 2019
Place: Sinai, Egypt
Application deadline: April 1, 2019

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