The Executive Program supports you as a leader through the current global changes and challenges, helping to improve the quality and integrity of your decisions. You learn to make a positive difference whilst creating sustainable results. All this can be achieved while living a peaceful and happy life.

In this transformative program you will explore your intuitive source and inner power, and develop your personal leadership style that will inspire co-creation and sustainable innovation.

The Executive Program is game-changing for leaders who have the courage to expand consciousness by sharpening their intuition and heightening their awareness. It helps leaders to:

  • Expand mindset and sharpen intuition and intuitive intelligence to think, choose and act differently
  • Access insights and sustainable solutions to achieve exceptional results
  • Commit to co-creation and social awareness to generate a positive impact in the world

The program is open to a limited number of participants each year.

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I you feel a call to enter the life changing Executive Program, then contact our office at +45 7023 1390 (DK) /+20 102 198 7027 (EG) or email us at info@lifecomponent.dk