The Leadership (R)evolution® kick-off program (in Danish) will unlock your intuitive potential and learn you how to lead and create from a new level of self-perception and awareness, where intuition is a consciously used tool.

You will work with 4 different levels of your intuition and with 5 leadership and 10 intuitive intelligence indicators.

You will get access to:

  • The protocol Leadership (R)evolution®
  • 55 intuitive tools and exercises (written and sound) to strengthen your intuition
  • 55 worksheet for writing information, observation and reflection
  • Articles/material about leadership and a new theoretical approach to intuition and intuitive intelligence.


  • 9 Leadership (R)evolution® online modules:
    Module 1 – Introduction
    Module 2 – Leadership (R)evolution®
    Module 3 – Intuitive intelligence
    Module 4 – Communication
    Module 5 – Vision
    Module 6 – Change
    Module 7- Innovation
    Module 8 – Anchoring
    Module 9 – Extra material

And you will work with 4 powerful leadership tools:

  • Natural breathing – your ability to listen to yourself and others
  • Silence awareness – your ability to connect to yourself and others
  • Energetic consciousness – your ability to lead by influence og compassion
  • Visual co-creation – your ability to think and act complementary and holistically

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Email us at info@lifecomponent.dk for more information.