The Leadership (R)evolution® Profile is identifying your talents – your natural strengths and your intuitive intelligence – your ability to turn intuitive insights to intuitive intelligent actions.

This is a unique approach to explore how you can become more of who you already are by unlocking the power of your strengths and be confident with your intuition. It will help you as a leader to:

  • Improve self-awareness from identifying your natural strengths
  • Improve confidence in decision making from understanding how to use your natural strengths and intuition to succeed
  • improve performance from understanding how to use your strengths to turn intuitive insights to intuitive intelligent actions in every part of your life

The Leadership (R)evolution® Profile includes:

  • Pre-assessment and assessment of your 34 talents and intuitive intelligence
  • A personalized Leadership (R)evolution® Profile report
  • 1 hour oaching session with Executive Advisor Rikke Topp
  • Review and analysis of your Leadership (R)evolution® Profile
  • Your current challenges and future goals in your personal and professional life
  • Your next steps to maximize your potential and create a meaningful life

The Leadership (R)evolution® Profile is available in Danish and English.

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