– turning insights to intuitive intelligent actions creating a meaningful life.

An ever-changing world demands leadership by people who have been taught to live fearlessly with the unknown. It takes people who can handle complexity and yet simultaneously think with both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain.

Our world requires people who use both the brain and the heart and who can combine being slow and analytical with being rapid and intuitive.

Intuition, in its purest form, is our most important tool in leadership. Using our intuition, guided by our rational mind, we can create holistic changes.

Developed by former CEO of a multinational company and executive advisor Rikke Topp, Leadership (R)evolution® is a method to fast track subconscious intuitive insights to conscious decision-making and intuitive intelligent actions to create holistic changes with the best and most long-term effects for ourselves, our relationships and our surroundings.

Leadership (R)evolution® is our method to unlock humanity’s intuitive potential and learn to lead and create from a new level of self-perception and awareness, where intuition is a consciously used tool. This is necessary to create required adjustments at a speed that matches the changes in our surroundings.

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