My lectures provide you with new wisdom, knowledge and specific leadership tools that take into consideration the current situation of your company or organization.

I engage audiences in an open and active dialog introducing the topics in a challenging and entertaining way using my extensive leadership experience as the CEO of a multinational company.

A lecture typically takes from thirty minutes up to two hours. A combination of lecture and practical tasks related to each topic in a workshop takes up to four hours. I also offers day courses.

Lectures are offered in the following fields:

  • The leader of the future – Leadership (R)evolution
  • The intuitive decision-making process
  • From risk management to intuitive leadership
  • Leadership and innovation
  • Collaboration in organizations
  • Less effort – increased efficiency

If you have a particular topic of interest, I will adjust accordingly.


Contact our office at +45 7023 1390 or email us at info@lifecomponent.dk for more information.