As a leader you are faced with changes and making challenging decisions every day. Often these decisions are complex with many factors to be considered. The One-on-one sparring is enabling you to perform at your best no matter which challenges you are facing as a leader.

Good sparring is about getting qualified input, new inspiration, and specific leadership tools for you to realize and activate the hidden capacities of your potential. The one-on-one coaching will strengthen your leadership abilities to clarity why and where changes are needed for you as a leader and for the company as a whole.

The one-on-one coaching will help you as a leader to:

  • Feel more comfortable with your decision-making power
  • Improve the quality and integrity of your decisions
  • Make it easier to initiate and maintain the necessary actions

The one-on-one coaching is open to a limited number of candidates each year.


Contact our office at +45 7023 1390 or email us at info@lifecomponent.dk for more information.